Various data from Weblate is available in machine-readable format.

RSS feeds

Follow the translation progress and all important changes from RSS feeds.

Project URL Link
EasyRPG TestGame RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0001 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0002 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0003 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0004 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0005 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0006 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0007 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0008 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0009 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0010 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0011 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0012 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0013 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0014 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0015 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0016 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0017 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0018 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0019 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0020 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0021 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0022 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0023 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0024 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0025 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0026 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0027 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0028 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0030 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0033 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0034 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0035 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0036 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0037 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0038 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0039 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0040 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0041 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0042 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0043 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0044 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0045 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0046 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0047 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0048 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0049 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0050 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0051 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0052 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0053 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0054 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0055 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0056 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0057 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0058 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0059 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0060 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0061 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0062 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0063 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0064 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0065 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0066 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0067 RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/RPG_RT.ldb RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/RPG_RT.ldb.battle RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/RPG_RT.ldb.common RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/RPG_RT.lmt RSS
EasyRPG TestGame/EasyRPG TestGame RSS

Per language RSS feeds are also available. Construct them by appending a language code to the URLs above.


Translation statistics for every component in JSON format lets you use the data in other websites or tools.

Project URL Link
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0001 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0002 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0003 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0004 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0005 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0006 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0007 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0008 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0009 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0010 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0011 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0012 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0013 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0014 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0015 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0016 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0017 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0018 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0019 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0020 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0021 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0022 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0023 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0024 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0025 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0026 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0027 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0028 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0030 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0033 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0034 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0035 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0036 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0037 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0038 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0039 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0040 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0041 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0042 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0043 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0044 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0045 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0046 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0047 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0048 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0049 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0050 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0051 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0052 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0053 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0054 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0055 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0056 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0057 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0058 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0059 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0060 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0061 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0062 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0063 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0064 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0065 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0066 View
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0067 View
EasyRPG TestGame/RPG_RT.ldb View
EasyRPG TestGame/RPG_RT.ldb.battle View
EasyRPG TestGame/RPG_RT.ldb.common View
EasyRPG TestGame/RPG_RT.lmt View
EasyRPG TestGame/EasyRPG TestGame View

You can fetch statistics for all translations in one component like this:

curl \
    -H "Authorization: Token wlu_O5W8bT6s7uHuiaN2bjFQCjlkdPECKRGPRLlV" \
Project URL Link
EasyRPG TestGame Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0001 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0002 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0003 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0004 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0005 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0006 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0007 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0008 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0009 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0010 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0011 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0012 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0013 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0014 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0015 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0016 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0017 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0018 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0019 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0020 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0021 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0022 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0023 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0024 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0025 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0026 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0027 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0028 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0030 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0033 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0034 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0035 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0036 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0037 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0038 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0039 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0040 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0041 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0042 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0043 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0044 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0045 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0046 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0047 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0048 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0049 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0050 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0051 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0052 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0053 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0054 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0055 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0056 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0057 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0058 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0059 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0060 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0061 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0062 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0063 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0064 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0065 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0066 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/Map0067 Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/RPG_RT.ldb Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/RPG_RT.ldb.battle Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/RPG_RT.ldb.common Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/RPG_RT.lmt Hook
EasyRPG TestGame/EasyRPG TestGame Hook

You pull changes from a remote repository to Weblate like this:

curl \
    -d operation=pull \
    -H "Authorization: Token wlu_O5W8bT6s7uHuiaN2bjFQCjlkdPECKRGPRLlV" \

Weblate also supports direct notifications from several code hosting sites:

Hosting site URL Note
GitHub The documentation has detailed instructions
GitLab The documentation has detailed instructions
Bitbucket The documentation has detailed instructions
Pagure The documentation has detailed instructions
Azure Repos The documentation has detailed instructions
Gitea The documentation has detailed instructions